Tag and Close Tickets

In our new version, while closing multiple tickets you can now add tags to them. 😊


Displey Agent Name in Conversation Toggle

In our new version, you can decide whether to show your agents' first names to your customers. 😊


Dashboard Filter by Tags

In our new version, you can filter information presented to you in the dashboard by tags. 😊


Canned Replies Suggestions

In our new version suggest messages to add to canned replies. 😊


Add Tags to Flow Cards

In our new version you can add tags to the conversation from every automated flow card. 😊


Multiple Choice Questions

In our new version you can ask your customer a multiple choice question via your bots and automated flows. 😊


Instagram Story Comments

In our new version, you can decide if comments on IG stories will open tickets in Glassix. 😊😊


Support Teams Access Update

We've updated and released new features to our support team access. 😊
It is now possible to grant permanent limited access to your support teams.


WhatsApp Buttons and Lists

In our new version buttons and lists are supported by WhatsApp and are clickable by the customer 😊
These buttons and lists can be sent by your bot and can be programed through the flow editor.
The maximum amount of buttons that can be sent is 3.


Apple Business Chat

We've released our integration with Apple Business Chat.
Now you can communicate with your customers using iMessage 😊