An Attachment is part of a transaction, for example, an image sent along with a message from a customer.

"attachments": [
    "id": 32833,
    "type": "Document",
    "fileIdentifier": "15062307211790_bookingcon_4wblckra_99c21246-e355-454c-9001-0158aa054d29.pdf",
    "originalFileName": "booking_confirmation.pdf",
    "thumbnails": [
    "thumbnailsFileIdentifiers": [
    "uri": "",
    "isEmbedded": false
ParameterTypeDescriptionAllowed Values
idintegerThe Id of the ticket.
typestringThe type of the attachment.Image, Video, Document, File, Solution, InteractiveDocument, Audio
fileIdentifierstringThe file name.
originalFileNamestringThe original of the file. An email was sent with the file name "example-image.jpg", then the original filename will be "example-image.jpg". The fileIdentifier will be a random file name.
thumbnailsarray[string]Thumbnails created for the file. A thumbnail of a video will be a frame from the video. A thumbnail for a PDF file will be the first page.
uristringThe URI of this file. Note that this URI has an expiry of 3 hours.
isEmbeddedbooleanIf true, the file is embedded in the message and doesn't count as an inbound/outbound attachment.
If false, the file is attached to the message and counted in the inbound/outbound attachments.