This endpoint returns an array of tickets with activity in the time frame provided.

A ticket is determined as active if the value of at least one of the following JSON keys is in the time frame:

  1. open - The time the ticket was opened.
  2. close - The time the ticket was closed.
  3. lastActivity - The time of the last activity (e.g., ticket state change, message sent/received, ticket field update, etc.).

It is required to supply since and until.
The max time frame allowed is one calendar month.

The max number of tickets returned in the response is 100.
When there are more than 100 tickets, the response will supply a request URL for the next page. This URL contains the page Query Param. The last page returns an empty paging JSON key.

"paging": {
    "next": ""

Use the paging value in the response to get the next page. You can't add other params to the request.
Each URL/page Query Param value is valid for 24 hours from the initial request.



Tickets are returned without their transactions.

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