A participant is someone who belongs to a specific Ticket. Each ticket has at least 2 participants, who can be either an agent or a customer.

  "id": 1,
  "name": "John Wick",
  "displayName": "",
  "protocolType": "WhatsApp",
  "subProtocolType": "Undefined",
  "isActive": true,
  "isDeleted": false,
  "identifier": "12025550156",
  "departmentIdentifier": "12029550133",
  "type": "Client",
  "contactId": "7a10856d-6d27-4a2a-a8e9-641d26566dab",
  "userName": ""
ParameterTypeDescriptionAllowed Values
idintegerParticipant Id in the ticket
namestringThe name of the participant.
displayNamestringThe name that will be displayed for the customer.
protocolTypestringThe channel of this participant.SMS, WhatsApp, Mail, Web, FBmessenger, WebViaSMS, TelegramBot, FacebookFeed, InstagramFeed, PhoneCall
subProtocolTypestringUndefined, MailTo, MailCc, MailBcc
identifierstringThe phone number, email address, Facebook id of the customer.
typestringClient, User, System
departmentIdentifierstringThe phone number, email address, Facebook id of the department.
contactIdstringThe contact id of this participant.
userNamestringRelevant only to agent participants.