A user represents an agent and can be assigned to many departments.

  "id": "aca76a89-8950-4424-b727-2f277c24a891",
  "type": "AGENT",
  "gender": "Male",
  "UserName": "[email protected]",
  "culture": "en-US",
  "isAnonymous": true,
  "uniqueArgument": "johnsCustomArgument",
  "fullName": "Jhon Wick",
  "shortName": "Jhon",
  "jobTitle": "Vacation Agent",
  "status": "Offline",
  "roles": [
Allowed Values
idstringThe Id of the user.
genderstringThe gender of the user.Undefined, Male, Female
UserNamestringUsers' email.
culturestringAffects the user's GUI.en-US, es-ES, he-IL
isAnonymousbooleanIf true, the user is excluded from statistics.
uniqueArgumentstringCustom argument, like the userId in your CRM.
typestringThe type of the user. AGENT is the standard type, for a human agent.
Tickets assigned to BOT will not send any automatic messages from our platform.
BOT and API users can't login into our platform, they can only use the REST API.
fullNamestringFull name of the user. This value is not exposed to customers.
shortNamestringFirst name of the user. This value is exposed to customers.
jobTitlestringExposed in mail signatures.
statusstringThe status of the user.Offline, Break, Online
rolesarray[string]MasterUser,DepartmentAdmin, SystemUser, ReadOnly, DataControler, EmailSession, webChat, FaceBookMessenger, FaceBookPosts, SMSchat, WhatsApp, InstagramFeed, PhoneCall,InstagramDM,Viber, AppleBusinessChat