Contact is an entity that represents a person.
The contact object can contain email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.
Each participant is linked to a contact. When a participant is created, we look for a corresponding contact - if none is found, we create a new one.

    "id": "797f5328-310c-4044-afb1-e62fd72fb725",
    "name": "Jack Bower",
    "identifiers": [
            "id": 26359,
            "contactId": "797f5328-310c-4044-afb1-e62fd72fb725",
            "identifierType": "MailAddress",
            "identifier": "[email protected]",
            "lastAccessed": "2023-06-15T07:09:25Z",
            "isVerified": false,
            "isDeleted": false,
            "isScrambled": false
            "id": 26360,
            "contactId": "797f5328-310c-4044-afb1-e62fd72fb725",
            "identifierType": "Web",
            "identifier": "c9bda82b-4571-45be-9db5-505317ac9310",
            "lastAccessed": "2023-06-15T07:03:34Z",
            "isVerified": false,
            "isDeleted": false,
            "isScrambled": false
    "uniqueArgument": "",
    "imageFileIdentifier": "",
    "imageUri": null,
    "creationDateTime": "2023-06-15T07:03:34Z",
    "updateDateTime": "2023-06-15T07:09:25Z",
    "isDeleted": false,
    "isScrambled": false,
    "tags": []
idstringContact Id. Can be seen in get ticket response.
namestringName of the contact. <=25 characters.
idintegerA part of identifier.
contactIdstringA part of identifier.
identifierTypestringA part of identifier.
identifierstringA part of identifier.
lastAccessedstringA part of identifier.
isVerfiedbooleanA part of identifier.
isDeletedbooleanA part of identifier.
uniqueArgumentstringCustom parameter you can add to each contact. For example the contact id in your CRM/database. <=50 characters.
imageFileIdentifierstringContact profile image.
imageUristringImage of this contact. This image can be originated from WhatsApp or Facebook.
creationDateTimestringThe creation date and time of this contact.
updateDateTimestringThe last time this contact was updated