Add Data Entry Card


A data entry card allows you to collect information from your customers. This can serve multiple purposes and benefits, such as:

  • Providing personal and specific services to your customer. For example, providing shipment information based on a tracking number.
  • Collect data about the customer for future communication.
  • Reducing agent wait times by pre-collecting basic information.

Create Data Entry

  1. In the New card sidebar, click on Data entry.

  1. Fill in the following text boxes as desired for the message attached: Friendly name,Cover image Title, Text.
  2. From the Question property drop-down, select the information you want to collect and accordingly fill in any boxes shown.
  3. In the Question type section, click on your desired option
    • If you chose Multiple Choice, add desired buttons.

      Multiple choice gives you control over the answers you'll accept from your customers.



Currently, this is only optional in our new bot.

  1. Click Save.



Some Question propertys have an Ask when choice box. Choose the desired behavior for the question when the value has already been collected.