Content Categories

Each content item can be assigned to one category. Categories are helpful when your content is segregated into different topics, such as various products.

When to use content categories?

In most cases, categories are not needed. Categories are filters, allowing us to filter which knowledgebase content the AI Chatbot will rely on its answers.
Use categories in the following cases:

  • Multiple different products (a telecom company can offer mobile plans, broadband internet, and streaming service)
  • Different locations (a hotel chain with hotels in different cities, each hotel with its unique amenities)
  • Different topics (e.g., support and sales. could help if there is a lot of knowledgebase content otherwise, it is probably not necessary)

How to use content categories?

Create a new category.

You can set a category to a content item on creation or afterward.

In your chatbot flow, add an AI card and select the relevant category.

Direct the flow to the appropriate AI Chatbot card by the categories.