Add Glassix Chat Widget to WiX Website


To best embed your widget in your website (both in desktop and mobile versions), you'll need to switch to editing the website using Editor X (an editing platform by WiX).
It's recommended that you complete and publish any changes in your WiX editor so they can transfer to Editor X and be live to your customers.

For more information on Editor X read here.

To switch to Editor X, follow this article.

Embed Widget in Editor X

  1. Click on AddEmbed CodeEmbed HTML.
  2. Click Enter CodeCode.
  3. In the Add your code here (HTTPS only) section, insert the Glassix’s chat script.



You must embed the script as part of an HTML code. You can get the full code by clicking on Download script as HTML.

  1. Drag your iFrame to the position where you want the widget to appear on your site.
  2. Resize the iFrame to fit the chat size.
  3. Right-click on the element → Pin to screen
  4. In the Set position section:
    1. Choose the position on your website.
    2. Choose the horizontal and vertical offset.
  5. Repeat steps 1-7 for all pages and versions (desktop, tablet, and mobile) you want your widget to appear on.



Once you add the widget in the tablet version it will appear in the mobile version as well. Check to see that it appears properly in both versions.

  1. Save & publish your website 😊