Embed Chat Widget Script

In this article we'll review how to embed a chat widget in your website using either JavaScript or RequireJS scripts.


Emending a chat widget on your website allows your customer to contact you in an easy and accessible way. You must embed the script in every page you wish your chat widget to appear.

Embed Chat Widget

  1. Go to Settings.

    Click on the symbol in the agent dashboard.

  2. Click Channels β†’ Web Chat. Click here



You can create different chats with different looks for different sites or bots. If you don't want to create different chat widgets skip to step 8.

  1. Click on Chat widget design & settings.
  2. Click on βž•.
  3. In the Snippet name text box, type a name of your choice.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. Edit your chat settings as desired.
  6. Click Save.



You can preview your widget by clicking on here at the top of your settings.

  1. Click on Widget installation.
  2. From the widget list, select the desired widget script.
  3. Copy the JavaScript script and add it to your website in the body section of your code.



If you are using RequireJS you must add the code in the required format. Read here to learn about the format.



Fore more information about the JavaScript format read here.