Reconnect Facebook Page


At times Facebook and Instagram pages get disconnected from Glassix.
Under your settings, they'll appear with a red X mark.
This can happen due to multiple possible changes made to your Facebook page's settings or permissions, or Facebook policies.

Reconnect Facebook Page

  1. On Facebook go to your page's settings,

    In Manage Page click on Settings

  2. Click on Advanced messaging.
  3. In the Connected Apps section by the Glassix application, click on Configure β†’ Go to Bussiness Integrations.
  1. Fined the Glassix application in the list and, click on View and edit.
  1. Enable all permissions for all the pages you have under your account.



This action won't connect to Glassix any pages that aren't connected to your departments.

  1. Under the ADDITIONAL BUSINESS INTEGRATION SETTINGS: section make sure that the Can this business integration send you notifications? setting is set to Yes.
  1. Click Save.



Return to your Glassix Settings and refresh to see that the page has reconnected.