frequently asked questions about our AI Chatbot

Are updates to my knowledge base immediately available for AI to use?

Yes. Any additions or updates to your knowledge base content will be accessible to the AI Chatbot within minutes.

What is the risk of AI Chatbot giving an unsatisfactory response?

AI Chatbot relies exclusively on articles from your designated knowledge source. However, AI hallucinations can still occur. While we have implemented safeguards to minimize these instances, the AI hallucinations cannot be entirely eliminated.

How frequently can AI Chatbot resolve issues?

AI Chatbot uses content from your knowledge base to respond, but there are instances where it may not resolve an issue. The AI Chatbot will not succeed if:

  • Your knowledge base does not contain the required information. Continuously updating your knowledge base with new information can improve resolution rates.
  • The AI Chatbot misunderstood the question. Our AI models are regularly updated to enhance understanding and response accuracy.
  • The question cannot be resolved with the information available in the knowledge source alone.
  • The user’s question is not articulated clearly enough for the AI Chatbot to understand accurately.

If the AI Chatbot cannot find a relevant answer, it will inform the user.