Create a Ticket Using the API

  • A ticket allows your customers to communicate with agents on Glassix
  • Create a ticket



A ticket records a conversation involving one/many participants. Participants can send and receive messages from other participants (agents and customers) in the ticket.

Usually, a ticket is created automatically when a customer sends an initial message, i.e., they don't yet belong to any existing, open ticket.

Every ticket contains at least one participant initially and, eventually, at least two. It may also contain transactions, i.e., the messages and an owner (the agent responsible for the ticket).

Create a ticket using the API

Create a ticket by sending a POST request to (see the spec.).

Request Body

The POST request must provide a participant. This describes a person or bot that engages with this ticket.

protocolTypeProvides the medium of communication, e.g., WhatsApp, phone callThis is a restricted list
identifierProvides the unique contact for the participantIF this is a phone number, the format is full international (without a plus (+) sign)

Example Request Body

  "field1": "Caribbean vacation",
  "field2": "68 Colorado Way, Rhydcymerau",
  "field3": "",
  "field4": "",
  "culture": "en-US",
  "participants": [
      "name": "Luke Long",
      "protocolType": "WhatsApp",
      "identifier": "17818469236",
      "type": "Client"
  "tags": [ "VIP" ],
  "uniqueArgument": "JX867641"