AI Chatbot Best Practices

Before the AI Chatbot, implement a multiple-choice button to screen out inquiries that your knowledge base is less likely to resolve.

Create alternative methods for addressing these inquiries to assist your team better. Examples include:

  • Technical bugs or troubleshooting issues
  • Payment or billing questions specific to an individual account
  • Status updates concerning a specific customer, order, or project
  • Any frequent customer request not covered by your knowledge sources

Encourage users to provide detailed and complete questions

The more specific the question, the more accurately and effectively the AI can respond. In the step before the AI Chatbot, prompt users with a specific question like "Please ask a specific question about [company X]" instead of a general greeting like "Hi! How can we help?"

Create new content to fill gaps

Identify patterns in your customer interactions to spot trends. What are the recurring questions? Ensure these topics are covered in your Help Center to enable self-service.

Reuse canned replies

Review the canned replies used by your Support team. Determine if any could be adapted into a complete article. Even if the content is brief, consider creating a snippet. AI Chatbots can utilize these snippets to answer queries that don't fit neatly elsewhere.

What’s Next