AI Chatbot Explained

Deliver quick, smart assistance to your customers using AI

Glassix's new AI Chatbot feature empowers customers to self-serve with instant answers to their questions, significantly boosting your team's efficiency. AI Chatbot handles chat inquiries by generating natural language responses based on your chosen knowledge source. The AI Chatbot can be integrated as a new card in any chatbot flow.

The advantages of the AI Chatbot include:

  • The AI Chatbot quickly addresses customer issues across various channels with precise, conversational answers derived entirely from your support content.
  • You can start using the AI Chatbot easily without needing any coding or complex setups.
  • Freeing up teams from addressing basic and repetitive inquiries.
  • Reducing the time admins spend creating complex chatbot flows for specific questions.
  • Keeping the chatbot flows up-to-date effortlessly, as the chatbot automatically syncs with your knowledge source.