Security Best Practices


Glassix provides several ways to protect your account.
Your account contains sensitive information such as passwords, customer information, etc. Implementing protection methods helps secure your account and information from abuse and helps maintain your brands' image.

Enable 2FA

2FA is an authentication method in which the user is granted access only after presenting two forms of identity verification. Enabling 2FA provides an extra layer of protection to your account.
In Glassix verification, is done by sending the user an SMS message. When a user tries to log in to their dashboard, after typing their Email and Password, they will receive a code via SMS that they'll have to enter.

  1. In Settings, click Security. Click here
  2. In General,

Set Strong Password Strength

The password strength determines the minimum complexity level of passwords in your system. A complex password is harder to steal or guess, thus protecting your account from fraudulent access.
In Glassix we have 4 strengths available:

  1. In Settings, click Security. Click here
  2. In General, click on the desired strength from the Drop-Down.

Whitelist IP Addresses

An IP whitelist allows connection and use of your account only from the addresses in the list. Using this function, you can restrict access to your account only from your office or any other place of your choice thus, providing you control and an additional layer of protection.
Glassix supports only IPv4.



The limitations will affect to any external application trying to connect to the Glassix API like your CRM application and/or external BOT services.

  1. In Settings, click Security. Click here
  2. In IP addresses, click Add.
  3. In the IP address* text box, type your IP.
  4. In the Notes* text box, type a note that will help you identify the IP.
  5. Click Confirm.



You must add your currant IP address before adding any other addreses.

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