Connect Apple Messages to Glassix


Sometimes, customers want to contact you or get your attention via Imessage, comments, and messages.
Managing all these interactions from Apple Messages can be cumbersome and difficult.
This article will review connecting your Apple Messages to your Glassix Department.

Connect Apple Business Messages

  1. Go to Settings.

    Click on the symbol in the agent dashboard.

  2. Click ChannelsApple Messages. Click here
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the Pop-Up, fill in your desired Name.

    The name is only for internal diferintiation.

  5. Log into your Apple Business Register → Messages for Business Accounts.
  6. In the desired account, scroll to LinksTo configure this account in your application.
  7. Click on Copy ID and paste the ID in the Apple Business Account ID

    The Id can also be found in the URL.

  8. Click on NextFinish.

Useful Links

Learn about signing up for Apple Business Manager here.

Learn about Apple Business Small Business account here.

Learn about Apple Business Enterprise account here.