Add Send Email Card


A send email card allows you to send an email to your customer and/or agents.
To whom you send the email, and its contents are up to you and your flow's objective.

Create Send Email



If you see a {β‹―} symbol you can add Dynamic Parameters. For more information on Dynamic Parameters red this guide.

  1. In the New card sidebar, click on Send email.

  1. In the Friendly name* test box, give your condition a name.
  2. In the To/Cc to mail aggress, type the email address you want to send the email to.

  1. In the Subject text box, type your desired email subject.

  1. In the Content text editor box type your email body.
  2. In the Action sections, click on the desired option in the drop-down and accordingly fill in any boxes shown.
  3. Click Save.