Conversation Integration to External Platforms


Glassix allows you to integrate complementary platforms within your organization to enhance chatbot performance, customer journey, agents' assistance tools, tickets' data archiving, and more.

To do so, Glassix allows you to register your platforms (your CRM, for example), via a webhook, to Glassix's events engine. Glassix will provide various online events (you can see all the possibilities here) to help you take relevant actions on your platforms accordingly. For more information on webhook configuration, read this article.

Webhook Event Example Uses


When a new conversation starts in Glassix, a webhook of NEW_TICKET is automatically triggered from Glassix. All the ticket details arrive within the webhook body. Using this information, you can:

  1. Search for the customer according to the contact details
  2. Open a case in your CRM
  3. Update the Customer's name if missing using our API.
  4. Update the ticket’s general details, including your CRM case ID, using our API.


Any new inbound and outbound message will trigger a NEW_MESSAGE event that includes the relevant message text, attachments, status, sender, and more, including full ticket details.
Using this information, you can log new messages into your pre-existing CRM case online.


Another best practice to log a ticket is upon ticket closure.
On any ticket state update, Glassix will trigger a TICKET_STATE_CHANGE webhook. When your endpoint recognizes a ticket state changes to “closed”, it can perform a full GET request to fetch the full ticket details, including the transactions (messages and actions within the ticket) to log it in your CRM.